Core Components and Native Components

React Native is an framework developed by Facebook using React for iOS and Android application development. React Native uses JavaScript to access platform (android and iOS) APIs and to described behaviour & appearance of UI using React components.

Native Components

For Android development, application views are written in Kotlin or Java on the other hand you can use Objective-C or Swift for iOS. While in React Native you can invoke these views with React components. At runtime, corresponding native views can be created by components. Means, React Native create Android and iOS views from its components. React Native application feels, looks and perform similar to iOS and Android applications.

React Native also allows you to create your own unique components as your unique requirements for both Android and iOS.

React Native have a very large community that have create some components, you can use any of these community contributed views as per requirements.

Core Components

React Native have many ready to use components that are Core Components. You can use to these core components to create your application. Some of the Native and Core components -

react native core and native components

React Native have same API structure as of React components. So, to get started you have to understand React components for React Native.

React Native tutorial