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Mahakal Status in English for WhatsApp : Friends once again welcome to my website where you get latest whatsapp status, attitude status, mahakal status for boys and girls. Mahakal is among one of the famous name of lord shiva. Love shiva is known by many other names like Mahadev, Bholenath. 
People in India or also in Other countries love to share mahakal status, mahakal attitude status, mahakal status in english to show their love and attitude. So, today we bring english mahakal status for boys and girls to share. 

Mahakal Status in English for Whatsapp

Today, we bring mahakal status in english for whatsapp for boys and girls those who love their god more than others. In your boys and girls mahadev is more famous than any other god. Their is also a trend is following for mahakal whatsapp status and mahakal shayari and quotes. Mahadev status are also same for those who are finding mahakal quotes, bholenath status in english. 

mahakal status in english
mahakal attitude status

It is just such a story of yours,
We are his children, whose world is crazy…
Jai Bhole

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How can I say that my every prayer has been neutralized
Whenever I cried my Bholenath got news
Jai Bholenath - Jay Bholenath
Peacock Peaches, cannabis peat,
Rama tan bhasma ka chola
Trio Lok Te Thar Thar Kampe
When I do orgy
Jai Mahakal - Jay Mahakal
Mahashivratri status in hindi
How to praise baba
Not so much in my words
Go around the world
No one else like me
Jai Mahadev - Jay Mahadev

If you have heard 4 from the heart
The voice will go to Mahakaleshwar
What Baba has heard is ours
Everything will deteriorate
Jai Bholenath - Jay Bholenath

We are legends of great times
Oh, we are the leopards of Mahakal…
That's why we live carelessly
Jai Mahakal - Jay Mahakal

We are devotees of the naive people who play in the crematorium
And we feed those who play with us
Jai Mahadev - Jay Mahadev

I will be happy in your court
No matter what sorrow i come and forget
Come to tell you what I forget
Happiness is so much that i forget to ask
Everywhere Shiva

Mahakal attitude status

Mahakal special status and poetry in Hindi
This is the Kalyug, here the Taj gets good not evil but evil
But we are crazy about Baba Mahakal, not the crown but Rudraksha.

Sleeping in the lap of death
We are lost in smoke
Devotion to Mahakal is at the top
Shiva is chanting Shiva, sleeping!

Mahakal status in english
Cannabis in cannabis milk in live breath and dead ash chillum
God also thinks again and again, thousand times
This is how my great times are

The lover of maya falls apart
And the one who loves my great times gets blossomed
Jai Mahakaal

After your great time, you get your blessings,
I will get you after burning in the crematorium

Mahakal should hide my trouble from you
No such thing
I am aware of you only because of your devotion
I have no hope

I have done all the work by taking your name Mahadev
And people believe that the person is lucky

Thank you to me,
Frown is also his boon
Who taught us to live gracefully,
His name is "Mahakal"

Mahakal Attitude Status / Poetry
Naive trunk is praised all over the world
Please tell my head on my hand
Chaal son, today is your turn
Jai Mahakaal

Itani matka kai na challai haam nagare
Bhagal ke bhagat sai muther

Naïve chanting
Whether to drink a cup of poison
Ek tere e jitani pyari
Just that bhagwani ki milwade naheen

We are the king of hindugiri
Talwar is our queen ..
The rest is due to Mahakal

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Have some money? Any fame?
My heart is like a mirror, only Mahadev's crazy
Everywhere Shiva

Lions do not die due to increased number of dogs
And the people of Mahakal do not stop anyone's father
Jai Shri Mahakala

Mahakal Attitude Status in English | Mahadev Attitude Status

Mahakal Attitude Status is best whatsapp status for boys and girls. Attitude Status of Mahakal is in trends mostly in boys. People searching for Mahadev attitude status or Bholenath attitude status can also use these mahakal quotes in english.

Premature death is the one who dies for Chandal,
Eon can not harm the follower of Lord Shiva
Jai Mahakaal

Sara Brahmand bows
I salute those in the phase of Mahakal
Jai Shri Mahakala

Forehead tilak will never go away
And as long as i live
Mahakal's name will not disappear
Jai Mahakaal

Am crazy but true to heart
I am a little stray but Mahakal is your crazy
Jai Shri Mahakala

Too full of heart
I want to sleep with Mahakal on your lap
Jai Shri Mahakala

Don't make your body so much
It has to be mixed with the soil
Decorate your soul if you want to
Because that soul has to go to Mahakal

Mahadev status in English
What a great relief from good deeds
What will be greater worship than righteousness
The man whose head is on the shadow
What will he complain about in life

It was the evening of my great life at your rate
And the day your status was shown, your life became your name

We put ourselves at the feet of Mahakal
The world is our great era, now we have understood this much

The world changes in Bhole's court
Remembrance changes hand line
Whoever takes Mahadev's name from the heart
His fate changes in a moment

Bhole, your hobbies are unique
Somewhere there is sand and some places are cups of poison
In this world naive, your game is unique

Today these winds have conspired on one side
Left life to death
Baba Mahakal has planted Chilam
Today also the death has come

We lost in the smoke
Baba was conscious and kept getting drunk
Know what is in Mahadev's name
They did not want to go on

The king of Kailash is powerful
Chillam made fresh Aye my naive Baba
Jai Mahakaal

I have placed my head on your frame
I'm good i have to make you mine
Jai Mahakaal

Luck changes, time changes, world changes too
But my Mahadev, holding his hand, changes his whole life
Jai Bholenath - Jay Bholenath

I am living the life of mystic
Make me rich too
I do not want money
Just take a bath with your own hands

When the crisis began to recede and faded
Then Mahakala has understood that he has entered the heart
Jai Bholenath - Jay Bholenath

Everyone gets what is written in luck
But not destined
He meets in the court of Bhole Baba
Jai Mahakal - Jay Mahakal

Mahakal Status Image

mahakal status 2020
mahakal status images

Be patient, it will also give rain to rain
If Bholenath has given pain, he will also give medicine by becoming Shiva Shankar
Jai Mahadev - Jay Mahadev

City should be Avantika-C, Shiv family-like gharana
Charan ho Mahadev's where I live
Jai Shankar

Love of the world is all fraud
In my life
Only Bholenath and Mummy Papa's love is enough
Everywhere Shiva

Mahakal Status 2020
You will woo your girlfriend, we will make Bholenath
You celebrate Valenti, we will celebrate Shivaratri.
Jai Shambho

Everyone is crazy about beautiful girls….
But we are crazy about those girls
Girls who are addicts of Bholenath…. !!
Everywhere Shiva

Karta cannot do, Shiva can do so.
Three people in nine volumes, no bigger than Mahakal.
Jai Shri Mahakala

What should be the surprise in Kaal too?
The man on whom Mahakala has his hand.
Jai Shambho

mahakal whatsapp status
I am zero without you my great age.
You are with me
Jai Sri Trikalnath Mahakal ...

I cannot bow, I am an integral part of gallantry.
Burn the iniquity that I am, I am a slave of Mahadev.
Jai Shambho

The entire universe doubles
Under whose shelter
I greet you in the Mahakal phase.
Jai Shri Mahakala

Bholenath Status for Whatsapp | Bholenath Attitude Status | Bholenath Status

You, can also check these bholenath status in english and bholenath attitude status for whatsapp and facebook or you can also share bholenath quotes and bholenath messages with your friends and family. 

Premature death is what kills Chandal,
How can Kaal spoil the one who is a devotee of Mahakal?
Jai Mahakaal

Can someone take everything away from me
But no one can take the madness of Mahakal from me.
Jai Shambho

He has created the world and merged into every particle.
Unhappiness will also be like happiness, when Shiva's shadow is on the head.
Everywhere Shiva

Bholenath Status in English
Ram is also his, Ravana is also yours.
Life is yours, death is also yours.
Jai Shri Mahakala

I don't know in what disguise I do the work,
Everything I ask for, my Mahadev gives it to me in secret.
Jai Shambho

I'm a crazy kid, but I'm sincere at heart,
I'm a bit of a bum, but I'm crazy about you Mahadev.
Shambho lover

I don't know about love but
Dil lagi hai only since childhood.
Jai Shree Mahakal

Who has Shiva in his hair?
Drink the same poison
What will the world burn them?
Those who make up only with embers.

Me and Mera Bholenath
They are both very forgetful,
They forget my mistakes
And I appreciate your kindness.

Don't discredit the name of Chilam and Charas!
Look at Mahadev's story,
Mahakal drank poison, hemp, and not charas.

The same happy, the same stranger, the same luck,
Whose god of the gods is Mahadev.

Desire to rule the heart, not politics.
This is the education of my Guru Baba Mahakal.

The grace of who is the blessing of those who are above me,
His name is Mahakal, who taught him to live with grace.

Don't decorate your body so much, it has to be mixed on the ground,
If you want to be fixed, then decorate your soul, because that soul has to go to Mahakal ...!

Neither counted nor weighted,
"What my Mahakal gave
Open heartedly

Those who drink nectar are called devas,
And those who drink poison, the god of the gods.
Mahadev says.

Mahakal Status in English
Seth's people wear diamond pearls and jewelry,
We are devotees of naive people, so we use "Rudvaksha".
Jai Shree Mahakal

How can I say that my prayers have been neutralized?
Every time I cried, my Bholenath had news ...!
Shiva Shambho

How much effort can someone make, cannot spoil anything
Because whose children we are, the name is Mahakal ..!

Mahakal should hide from you, there is no such thing as me,
You know me only by your devotion, otherwise I have no place ...!

Where people's nawabi comes to an end,
From there, the reign of the Mahakala Diwas begins ...!

Maya lover
Falls apart,
And my lover of good times
Sparks ...!

Madly in love
Rose lives on Valentine's Day
We are fans of Baba Mahakal
Counting the days of shivratri

The fool had come to win me as an enemy,
If I had fallen in love with my great moments, I would have been lost.

When peace is not found in the colony,
Then I get lost in the fun of my good times ...!

What shall I do by making you rich?
My great moment is crazy for mystic ..!

Mahakal Quotes in English
It's the age of kalyug
Here the crown is not good
Evil gets
But we are crazy about Baba Mahakal,
Rudraksh is not crazy about Taj.

We only know one relationship,
Relationship of the heart ...
And deep down
Mahakal is smiling
It is raining all illusions.

Mahadev quotes in english
Cold wool will stain
We are devotees of Bholenath, brother, there is also fire in our mouth.

Don't disappoint, just ask Shankar with a conscious mind! Jai Bhole Jai Bhandari Teri Hai Mahima Nyari !!

Knowing the body, knowing the mind, stealing the mind, what must be hidden at great age, whose hands are the cord
Jai Shri Mahakala

My Mahakala says do not think that your dream will come true or not ... because I also help those whose actions are good ...

Whose blessing is above me
His name is "Mahakal", who taught him to live with grace.
Jai Mahakal

New Mahakal Mahadev Whatsapp Status | Mahakal Quotes in English | English Mahakal Quotes 

We are crazy about that Kapali Mahakal,
Those who rule the hearts of the Aghoris also ...

Me and Maira Bholenath are very forgetful.
They forget my shortcomings and I show them their kindness.

What will you uproot?
He is a devotee of Mahakal! ... and Mahakal is a devotee of his devotees.
Never leave your hands!

Let yourself fall .. Mahakala in your kiss
Pay me a million, your desperate heart is mine

Desire to rule the heart, not politics.
This is the education of my teacher #Baba_Mahakal !!
# Naive_ka_bhakt

mahakal status in english
mahadev status

What did someone say?
Damroo is sitting at the Ujjain court
Once upon a time there is demand
Open heart giving

Come at your rhythm, come my best moments
It's late
And the day your rate showed
Life is your name

Mahakal Attitude Status in English
I'm walking in the sun, Mahakal is your shadow
Sharan is your true Baba, all the others are illusions

Do not find me in stones
This world is a mess
Open the closed eyes a human
There is a great time in you

Rahmat, if I start writing
May it take a thousand years
My pen is small "Mahakal"
And your glory
Jai Shri Mahakala

Every living being changes
And what does not change is Shiva

Neither life's happiness nor death's sorrow
We will remain devotees of Mahakala till we have power

Heavy on all tilak dhari
Jai Shree Mahakal identity

Keep in peace mahakal i don't like noise
I don't like having my own
Jai mahakal status

It is my habit to be immersed in naive name
Someone should look at me and just say every Mahadev
That's my thanks

Give Mahadev just one boon
Never do any bad work to your devotee
Everywhere Shiva

I have not kept anything with anyone… ..
Mahakal is my destination and Mahakal is my way
Jai Mahakaal

English Mahakal Status
The greatest is your court, you are the follower of all
Punish or forgive Mahadev, you are our government
Jai Mahadev

We are that person
Whose Hobby Is Devotion to Mahakal
Jai Mahakaal

He does he makes him
There is not even one breath for you
Why then

We are the king of hindugiri
Sword is our queen
Dadagiri at least
The rest is kind to Mahakal

Smile on eyes storm in eyes
This is the identity of a devotee

Mahakal Status for Girls
Left care of the world ever since Mahadev has to go
What to do in this world when Mahadev has to be achieved in the end

Lord make my mind shivaala
Rosary in your name's japa

Nobody has loyalty like death
No one travels like us
And my dear Mahakal is not in this whole world

No politics is a desire to rule the hearts
This is the education of my Guru Baba Mahakal

I am the king of poetry
And pen my queen
Alfaz is my slave
All others appreciate

Grow thunder leave your shore
Mahadev's slogan echoed when the whole world shook

We are a little lover of Shama named Mahakal
Those who say anything, we are crazy about Mahakal

Mahakal Mahadev Attitude Status in English 
I am a crazy child, but I am sincere at heart
I am a little vagabond but Mahadev is your crazy

Who are the tricks of time, are the shield of their devotees,
Change the world in a moment, it is a great time.

Shiva bhakti quotes status
Shiva devotees do not bow down to anyone,
What will that era also do before Mahakal

I am a passionate person, keep my style different from others
People go to temple mosques, but I keep Mahakaal in my heart
Jay Mahakal

Don't mess with Mahakaal's devotees and don't riot in a full Mahafil
Otherwise, between the thieves, I will shed the naked and the ashes in the Ganges
Jai Shiva Shambhu

There will be no handsome or grown-up
Own one will be crazy about Mahakaal
Jay bholenath

Neither should I stay high or low nor do I stay in caste
May you be in my heart, and I shall live in peace

Tilak Dhari is heavy on everyone, Jai Shri Mahakal identity

Don't know who i am and where i want to go
Mahadev is my destination and the rate of Mahakal is my destination

Like you will see Siyapati Shri Ram in Hanumanji's chest
Look at you Sina rip, you will get Baba Mahakal

They are afraid of storms, whose lives are in their minds,
He laughs even after seeing death, in whose heart Mahakal dwells

The name of spreading fear
If someone asks, devotees have returned for Mahakal

Do not run away from death will do you a favor
After life, Matru will reunite you with Mahadev

Not worried about time,
Just be happy with my great times

Mahadev shayari status in two line
The same happy, same weird, same luck,
Whose god Mahadev is the guardian

The greatest is your court, you are the follower of all
Punish or forgive Mahadev, you are our government

Not politics, but desire to rule the hearts,
This is the education of my Guru Baba Mahakal

When peace is not found in the colony,
Then I get lost in the fun of my great times.

Mahakal Status for Boys
No months are counted, no years are accounted for,
Love still remains unaccounted for since Mahakal.
Jai Shri Mahakala

Left wealth, left the world, left all the treasure,
In the love of Mahakal, Divans left the royal family

We are a little lover of Shama named Mahakal,
Those who say anything, we are crazy about Mahakal

Someone can take away everything from me,
But the madness of Mahakal, no one can snatch me

A key named Mahakal that opens every lock,
Kama will become all those who say "Jai Mahakal"

Please sit in the Mahakal's Mahadeal, sir
The style of the king will come by itself

They fear death, whose actions are stained,
We are devotees of Mahakal, our blood is fire only

If someone becomes crazy then someone becomes a fakir
Whatever you see Mahakal, it becomes a picture of itself

Life is a smoke, knowing it will stop
Do my devotion to Mahakal, life will be successful

People often say that I am stupid,
What do they know that I am the beloved of my Baba Mahakal

At the feet of Mahadev, there is a spring of mercy,
But flows are on the same mind as Mahadev Mahadev Ramta

Mahakal Status in English
Mahadev's cannabis, hemp and chillum status
Those who trust the world are worried
Those who do, trust Mahakal, sleep peacefully