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In the world of internet people love to share whatsapp status to show their mood and to show others about their attitude. Lovers also share whatsapp status for girlfriends and whatsapp quotes, shayari and status for boyfriends.

Whatsapp Status for Girlfriends and Boyfriends

Love, which unites two hearts, is the most beautiful relationship in the world. Meaning is not hidden in this relationship, for people living in the world of love away from the world of love, in this post of Whatsapp Love Status in English , you will get an SMS of love poetry, which will increase one love closer to one. Read this awesome article on Love Status in English For Facebook. And share their love.

You be a necklace of my arms,
Be the brightness of my eyes,
You become this heartbeat,
Be the smell of my breath, whatsapp status for girls
Just be the desire of this heart every moment.

Loved, their love was seen
When it was pain, they filled them with a moment.
One thing was seen in the heartbeat of two hearts
The heart came to the heart of the heart!

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I don't know what is the moment in your life.....???
Which is just for me...
But every moment of my life.
Just for you.whatsapp status for boys

You realize every happiness of ours
Your pain is ours.
Even if we die, we have no sorrow.
Just be yours with the last moment.

Your every happiness is yours,
This love hidden in the breath is yours,
Without you, you cannot live for two moments.
Every voice of the beats is yours.

In glory, we will be in your heart,
You will love you,
Behold, we will see all the worlds,
You will love this so unsheltered love.

Do not have repeated support in life,
No one is lovingly found cute again and again,
keep who possesses him to handle,
He never gets lost again.

You're in my yado, or you're in me...
I think you are, or I think you are...
The heart asked me, repeatedly the same thing...
You are in my life, or my life is you...

Relationship is not what is shown to the world!
The relationship is what is played with the heart!!
By saying your own, there is no one's own, whatsapp attitude status
It is the one who is adopted from the heart!!!

If you want someone, want this way,
whether they meet you or not,
But whenever he receives love,
So you miss.

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This is my wish to hear,
Every moment we're together,
Have your hand in my hands,
See wherever you see together,
You look at me and I look at you.

Do not take a gills.
Never stop jau and refuse.
Don't let's know what of tomorrow.
So whenever milu.
Take my hand with love.
Some people say love to losing..
So to get something says love,
But this is the truth,
We just love to play.

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Your every play seems to be a love,
A moment's separation seems to be the issue,
We have not thought before, we have started thinking now,
You need it in every moment of life.

Everyone says in life
Should love only once
But love you again and again
Wants the heart to do!

I don't mean it from the world,
I want your love for you, your time...

Sometimes love can be hard,
But anything can be done for true love!

You will quietly pass these lives without you.
You will teach people that love is like this.
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Not necessarily, every desire means love,
Sometimes even for unknown rishto, the heart becomes baichen.


You be my necklace,
Let my eyes shine,
You be this heartbeat
Smell my breath
Just be like this heart every moment.

He fell in love with love
If there is pain, then they filled their eyes
Two heartbeats saw one thing
His heart was throbbing but the voice came from this heart!

I do not know what that moment is in your life… .. ???
Which is just for me…
But every single moment of my life.
Just for you.
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We feel your every happiness
The pain of all your suffering is ours
Even if we die, we have no sorrow
Just last time be yours.

Everything is my pleasure,
This Hyatt is hidden in breath
You cannot live without two moments,
Every sound of thunder is yours.
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With grace we will live in your heart
I will love you on your love
Seeing us, the whole world will burn
I will love you so much that you love it.

There is no support in life again and again,
Again and again, no one finds love with love,
Who has to take care of it,
He never gets back again after getting lost.

Relationship is not what the world is shown!
Relationship is that which is performed from the heart !!
No one gets to say what he says,
He is the one who is adopted from the heart !!!
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If you want someone, like this way,
Whether you get it or not,
But whenever he finds love,
So you miss

Whatsapp Attitude Status for Boys

Listen Pagli is my wish,
Every moment we are together,
I have your hands
Wherever you look, see together
You look at me and I see you.

Do not accept the grievances from your heart.
If you get angry at times
What do we know about tomorrow?
So whenever I meet.
Take my hand with love

Some people call losing love
So to get something is called love,
But this is the reality,
We just call love to fulfill.

Your love seems like love,
A moment's separation seems like time,
I had not thought before, now I started thinking,
In every moment of life, your need seems to be.

Everybody says in life
Gotta love only once
But i love you again and again
Wants to do it!
I don't mean it to the world,
I want you, your time your love…

Sometimes love can be difficult,
But anything can be done for true love!
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Will live quietly without you even this life
Will teach people love is like this

Not necessarily, every wish means love,
Sometimes, even for unknown relationships, the heart becomes restless.

Gum did not let her laugh, fashion did not let her cry,
When you fell asleep, your memory did not let you sleep.

Whether lifetime
Bus on pestle
Don't leave

I wish he came and said hug
I am not mad even without you.

Life becomes easier
You look beautiful
I keep praising

You don't look good or bad to me,
Just look like you

If you are my destiny,
So lucky i am

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Every day in life, that face gets smiling,
The face you see in the mirror every day .. in life, that face gets smiling,
The face you see in the mirror everyday ..

He was having love with me again
If the eye does not open,
They were mine only ..

There is never any force in love,
Whenever you want to live
You're just mine ..

Whenever you meet, raise your eyes and match,
I like it
Seeing your face in your eyes ..
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Your wish is destined, not found
Relief is sure, you think of yourself ..

I come every day to dream
Sometimes you give pain, sometimes you give happiness,
How much do you love me?
Only you answer my question.

Blood was coming out of my lips till morning,
I kissed your picture so much at night ..

Like it is night after day,
That's what happiness means to me.
Be with you

Who says we are not powerful,
See how much your heart meets my heart.

We are not the ones who will leave you in sorrow,
We are not the ones who break up with you,
We are the ones who stop breathing,
Will leave his breath.
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My every moment is beautiful today in my heart
Your face is like saying this world now
I need you more than not hot world!

What will happen to us if we improve
Those who love our madness!

Want someone so much
That to love someone else
Do not want

How much love is in this heart
For you, if you have told
So… you are not my world
Will be done

What is blessing in which
You are not involved.

God bless me with something like this
I can become whoever I want.

Don't know which one is hidden
Relationship is with you, thousands are yours
Only you come in remembrance.

Romantic Whatsapp Status for Love

His rose was in the book of hearts,
His dream was in the sleep of the night,
How much do you love when we ask,
Will die without you this answer was his
sad whatsapp status
Keep your smile under control,
Dil-e-naad should not be martyred on this.

Someone loves the moon,
Someone loves the sun,
We love them,
Who love us

Humsafar is not the one who supports every happiness
Humsafar is the one who supports every sorrow.

Want to hide you in my heart,
Because this era is very bad.

No want of moon
No starship
Every birth you meet
This is my wish.

Not necessarily, every wish means love,
Sometimes, even for unknown relationships, the heart becomes restless.

We feel your every happiness
All your pain is ours
Even if we die, we have no sorrow
Just be yours with last minute.

Everyone said love is a game of luck,
We said this is to try

I first met him while walking,
She was blushing again and again,
Heart also did our thing to tell them
to your heart…
But Kambakht did not have the courage of this heart.

True is my love
Make sure you come to me
Gold never changes its color
Watch the fire every time

Romantic whatsapp status in English

Can't forget him with this heart
Can't tell why this is so
The difficulty is that he is not sure
And we regret that
Can not

Love status in English for boyfriend

Something happens in love
Heart is mad in love
Love sometimes happiness sometimes sorrow
Love is a puzzle that no you
Know me

She smiles your eyelashes
She bemoans your shame
You know or not we don't know
But this heart has got its

Eyes when someone wants
Goes relief on seeing her
How can someone forget
Somebody's a friend when someone
Something gets tempted
It is so appreciated by him
He worships first
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Eyes are words of love
Is true love always eats
If you get pain in love, what to worry
Have heard that i want more young than pain
it occurs

Don't do it when you want someone
Think he likes you
Just want him so much
Except no one likes

Love's first name is faith and
Second wife
Trust is also the first name of friendship
Another name is Zindagin
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When an idea strikes the heart
Heart would not want to be silent
Someone says everything to show off love
Say everything without saying anything

It is very strange that the restrictions are in love
Someone wants to break someone down
Someone else breaks down after wanting someone

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If money is not important in love
Would have been the dream of a girl in every story
Why is there a prince
Have you ever heard that my dream cobbler
Procession will bring
whatsapp status quotes
Even if i can't make it my own
He could not express it even after flirting
Ours was a piece of paper
So could never rip

Short Status for Whatsapp in English

Life's reality would have been
When a person wakes up, he sleeps
Human being
Understands more
That security was often someone else's

Impossible but true
Mohbutt is yours
Will always be

Can draw your picture without seeing
Can meet you without me
There is so much love in you
Can fall from the eye

This is crazy about your name
No how to say you don't love anything
So the fault is in your eyes
Not alone
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Afraid to love you
You are afraid of losing
Do not get lost in your eyes, remember now night
I am afraid of sleeping

Your eyes are very beautiful
Make luck we don't want us
If you get the happiness of the past
Your love

We love your separation too
I miss you very much
Meet wherever you go
Seek you again and again

Why does someone fall in love so much
A moment's wait also falls apart
Seem to be alien
Bark at a stranger

Girlfriends whatsapp status in english

Don't tell your heart to them
Can not live without saying
God became such a destiny that he himself
Come and say that we live without you
Can not
Boyfriend girlfriends whatsapp status in english
Often hide in the heart
I walk… love… don’t get angry
Where are you from my cockiness…
To silence you even while keeping silence
I hear

I am lost in your thoughts
I don't understand you
I did not get drunk enough
Thy magic beats something like that
Your eyes have not turned silent now
I do not fear them

No matter the world
Do sit
With you
We will leave
Whether anything
You too
We will leave
With you

Stay away from you
A punishment is strong
You are my life
Love is incomplete without you
What do people say
Dil ko cum ke roh hai hai
How can i tell you my
What happens with sanam
Own strangers
Are starting to happen
Since you
Made our
Always follow you
Sawan has come
To meet you and me
The weather has come
Sad Love Status For Whatsapp Status in english

You have become habitual all the time
To see
Now it's called love or madness
I don't know this

We asked what is crazy
She said your heart
Rule our

Sad Love Status for Whatsapp

For whose sake I broke it yesterday
We have all limits
Today he only said
Stay within limits

My happiness is in your happiness
Aye Mere Humdum
If you are not fascinated
We don't even need your favor

Wanting someone
Aching hurts
But lose
Life is ruined
Heart Touching Status For Whatsapp in english
Gajlo's skills will teach his eyes
A lot of crying but Anshu will not come

Short Love Status in english

It was a matter of concern
So never give up
It was destined
So can't do anything

Why are you angry
From these innocent actions of mine
Life is some day
You will then go from this place

Whoever wants to break down
Finally his own infidelity
Got killed

I've never seen anyone
Did not remove
Just the heart
He left himself
Thinking of someone
Do not leave
He has nothing
To give you
Just thinking
To be
He has nothing
To lose you

Never get angry
I don't believe
Never go away
Call me close
Don't know
If you forget
As you wish
Forget me too
Don't know

Attitude Love Status for Whatsapp

Remember her yesterday
Kept on coming all night
We stayed awake
The whole world slept
Lightning in the sky
The night kept shining
It was just a rain
Kept crying with me
Come on a lot
Remember you are coming

People say
Fascinated by
Happens once
But when in when
I see him every
Times occur
Whatsapp Status to Impress Girlfriend in english

To your simplicity
Mind to behold
All your age
To name
Heart does

Everybody makes a living in life
Take advantage of
But someone's trust
No use
Romantic status for boyfriend in english

Ever in life
Don't leave
Who has someone for you
Gave up
Love status in english for whatsapp

Cause to forget
does not happen
I didn't choose my heart

Romantic status in english

Heart Touching Whatsapp Status for Love in English

Love is something that will happen to someone, neither do they want anything else from the world. We have been listening to millions of love love stories and shares heart touching whatsapp status for love and whatsapp love status in english. But when he is in love with someone, then that person starts liking everything in the world. Lovers are the best pair as East and West are whatsapp status.

You can't think
How much do you think of me

The person gives the experience
But takes away innocence

I love you
This way there are markets
We lost our heart
And we are the culprits

Heart touching status for whatsapp in english

Don't be angry, my moon
Without you my eid is incomplete

We were devastated
There are birds
Whom every season
The wind makes me cry

If you say that we will live by your life
Get out like this
Like after a deep injury
Eye to eye

Better than you
Is my enemy
Which every watch
Keep an eye on me

You won't forgive yourself
The day in our life
Will get shortage
Best Love Status in english

Are like glass
Heart of the poor
If ever break
Are sometimes broken

Has anyone ever asked
Was in love
We smiled and said
Today also

Pagli would have waited a little longer
Our time was bad no heart

I asked for some light
In his life
Love fans only fire
Put on
Heart Touching Whatsapp Status for Love in English
Why man cries for her
Who knows what love is

Not so old me
The lessons I learned

That person is not easy
Who knows everything but speaks

The way to the heart
But not to go
So when someone goes, the heart
Goes to break

Understand your sorrow
Tax must be shared
Less sympathy in the world
See more headache

Hukka ae sanam of your beauty has been extinguished
We are still going to Gurgaon.

A person goes down in my heart like this
Like he knew all the way to my heart

Every evening of life gets beautiful….,
If i have luck

I was not in his life,
But I was all his life ..

One thought, his smile does not go away with friends
How to tell…
What is magic, everything is not said with words

On the condition of changing someone,
Don't make relationships

Life passed on a dream
Whole dream dreams like this

Never look out of the heart window
I feel like drops of rain…

Never open the door of dense slaves
I feel like a flowing wind….

Touch and see if you will ever know
I feel like winter sunshine.

It rains in my eyes when you miss
My heart cries a lot when you go away.

When my friend is near me, why should I go through the limits,
I should make him a person, or I should become his soul.
Let me touch your body with your breath, breathe in my breath,
If you tell me once, I myself can fit into you.

It's lonely weather and sad night
What is this visit they got separated from the mill
Heart is beating but there is no voice
What a strange thing those beats took along!

whatsapp status in english