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Friends, nowadays everyone who has multimedia mobile. WhatsApp is definitely in his mobile. Nowadays WhatsApp has become a way of talking with people. Through WhatsApp, we are connected to the small news of people. People post whatsapp love quotes, whatsapp love shayari about their everyday life on WhatsApp status. 

Cute Love Quotes and Shayari

Whether it is to go somewhere or to roam somewhere. In this way everyone gets to know about them. Apart from this, People also posts a lot of thoughts, cute love quotes on WhatsApp status, which others are also impressed by reading. If you want to share an idea or photo with everyone, then you just post whatsapp love quotes in english, romantic status in english on WhatsApp status, it will be shared with everyone.

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Friends, in this post, we are going to tell you some such inspirational love quotes, love shayari in english, love status in english  which you can use as your WhatsApp status, Love Status and make it great.

"Suppose your voice becomes a crowd, but we are nothing less, with one voice the whole crowd gets shattered."

"How mad the heart is too ... It is always immersed in the care of the one who does not belong to it"

"We are foolish, what would we understand, usul-e-mohabbat
Just wanted you, wanted you and wanted you

love status English
"Of course it is beautiful even today, but not the smile we used to bring"

"That blood runs in our veins, if one drop falls on the acid, the acid burns"

love attitude status in english
romantic status in english

"You will remember our book, reverse the book of yesterday, and we will meet smiling on some page."

"Let him taste the fun even of the love of the Gayro, what will happen to the Oro, which is not mine after such a longing

"Love is better than appeasement, hate us, we really appreciate true emotion"

"How to describe his separation in words… He remains in the heart… in torrential pain… and flows in the rock…!"

"On his heart too, what a great pleasure it will be ... who would have named this pain, love ..!"

"You are the destination, you are also the search,
Hope is you, wherever you are,
How can I say love is you and June is also you
Now when you are feeling, then life is also you. "
love status English

"I do not forget, love of a Mukhlis ... People are people with liver, who make new Mehboob every day!"

"Whosoever, in love, had inscribed his Mehboob, God has set them apart to save his existence."

"We were left celebrating angry hearts; He was left to express his pain to the non-residents; Our destination passed close to us; We were able to show others the way "

"What is amazing about the people who burn us, and our own discussions"
love attitude status in english

"We also get to play with heart ... but we don't like the game in which the toy breaks .."

Love Status in English for girlfriends
Love status for girlfriends

"Since when did we know that you are unfaithful, just keep on loving you, that maybe your spirit may change."

"Live around but not together, some people are jealous I just don't get burned"

“To love is not just about everyone…. The liver needs to waste its own happiness. "
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"It takes moments to fall in love .. It takes ages to forget it…"

One Line Love Status in English

Friends, today we have brought some such one line Love Status in english for you, which if you use in your WhatsApp Status Images, love quotes images , love shayari and messages, love status then surely your partner cannot live without being impressed by you. If you want to tell someone about your heart or make your place in someone's heart, then this status is for you.

"The mind says it will be killed, but the heart says it will be seen ..!"

"Always keep smiling in the way of life, because sad hearts get sympathy, not fellow feeling"

"Every step is with every moment,
We are still with you while away
May not be yours but we swear on you
Every moment of your lack is felt ..! "

"I have drunk the ocean from your eyes, what news have you given me on the day of separation?"
love status in english for girlfriend

"I had to write that I am happy without tears falling on your eyes before writing."

"Love is looking for someone like that
Does not live with,
Love is on the lookout for such a person
Who does not keep a check !!!

"Who can fit my heart other than yours… I have mortgaged my soul too, in my wish !!"

"Some people say that love is not true, the answer to all of them is you…!"

"He gave great courage to his separation and no longer has the grief of losing anyone or the desire to find someone."
romantic status in english
"Every day you are waiting, every day this heart is empty, I wish you could understand that even those who keep quiet love someone"

"There was a strange love for you… I did something crazy before… then said crazy… then left it as crazy”

"Heart is scaring me today by saying that… remember I will stop beating them otherwise!"

"Everyone said, if you think well then it will be good, I started thinking about you, the truth said people, now no one is better than you for me."

love status in english for boyfriend
"Don't know what's missing in me, don't know what's wrong with me, she doesn't remember me, I can't forget her !!"

"What color does life show? It is very exciting, there is no age in love, but there is love in every age"

"It is not possible to understand someone… what to do without understanding someone !!"
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"Today she got tears in her eyes, she was teaching children that love writes like this"

"When beautiful people break the heart of someone, they say with simplicity we were forced"

"In the 'intoxication' of your memories, I am getting 'chur',
I write 'you' and 'I am becoming famous'.

one line love status in english
"Love someone, do so much that whenever he finds love… then you remember…

"Till yesterday, you were just a stranger, today you rule your heartbeat…!"

"Her friends started teasing her, after she met me,
That is why the color has changed after getting your lips. "

"We have hidden many things in my heart, we loved you and you have become someone else ..!"

"Love does not have to hate the right, something that he just us"
love quotes in english

"I don't know when that relationship became, no one knew when it became mine, we didn't even realize it and nobody knew when my life became a necessity."

love shayari in english for boyfriend
Love Shayari

"It hurts not to want someone, but to lose is ruining life… ..!"

"Everyone has a heart,
But not everyone is heartbroken ..! "
love shayari in english

"You were in me before, you are still in me ... before I was in my words, now in my silence."

"Never Piglenge stone even find love the heat, just thinking that we sat out the heart of stone .."

"Did you know that love will happen,
We just liked your smile. ! "

Motivational Love Quotes | Motivational Love Status

Many people post important information on their WhatsApp love status. By looking at such WhatsApp status, we get important information. Apart from this, many people who are associated with education, share information related to education on WhatsApp status. It proves beneficial for all of us. Many times when our mood is very bad, in such a situation, if someone posts a good joke on good morning love quotes, then our mood automatically gets corrected. Many people also post the words love status in english for girlfriend, love status seeing which we also get the purpose of living life properly.

"They do not care if you cry, my heart ... those who love more ... they often have pain"

"You are the happiness of my life that I have asked for in my prayers"

"I don't know whether you love or not, but you get a strange relief after seeing you smile."
love status in english

"There was my love dump, beats the heart is survived lost, no one came close to my sorrow, there was a rain drops that were crying with me."

"Thousands have grief in the chest, but whom do you complain about ... Where is your heart, it is yours ... Whereas you are yours.

"Include me as well as the guilty, I am also a murderer of my enemies, I have killed my wishes."

"There is only the heart in the world that works without rest, so keep it happy whether it is yours or loved ones"
love shayari in english for boyfriend

"Your name has been written in such a way, that someone should get your name too… .soever the heart beats."

"May my breath get shelter in your heart, I love you in my love"

"Love to find out the relationship is so strange, talking long and separated to memories long."

"Look at who has knocked on this door, if there is love, then say, now the heart doesn't stay here ..!"

Friends, below are some such Attitude Status which you can use as your Best WhatsApp attitude Status to make your special impact on the people. After using these english love attitude status , whoever will read your status will be impressed by you.

"Stop taking advantage of our decency, the day we go rogue… doom will come."

"Even when I feel stung, people are jealous of me. They say that this person has gone ahead even in experience."

"Changed yourself as much as you could, now anyone who has trouble changed their path."

"There will be no muscle, no witness, now whoever messes with us will be directly destroyed"

Love Quotes for Boyfriend | Love Quotes for Husband

Friends, almost everyone uses inspirational love quotes. Nowadays there is a lot of practice of applying different types of status on whatsapp. People use motivational love quotes, love shayari in english according to their mood. Or you can say that people use love quotes for boyfriend to express their feelings of mind. Not only this, if someone wants to make a special feel or they have to tell their heart to someone, people have started resorting to one line love status in english. People also use WhatsApp english love status to celebrate them all from birthdays to special festivals. love attitude status in english, love status has become such a medium among people through which people are starting to express their thoughts and ideas in front of people.

"Do as much as you want to ignore, guess the day when we won't be seen."

"Do not understand the laughter of the lips, the reality-a-life, looking down in the heart, how sad we are"
cute love quotes

"Your dream is my dream, whose path is very bad, my wound is not perceived, every page of my heart is a book of pain."

"Boil in blood is still a dynasty. The world is crazy about our passion, not our hobbies"

"Same relationship, same relationship, same I and same you, just now is not the time for you to express" love "

english love quotes
English Love Quotes

"How wonderful are the people of this world… abandon all toys and play with emotion"

"The habit of laughing too expensive left us… He left thinking that ... We are happy to stay away too !!"

"We will not change with the speed of time. Whenever we meet, the style will be old"
love quotes for husband

"Now even if you love, do it by asking the question, friends, love is lost in fights."

"How many days have passed and you did not even remember .. I did not know ... that there is a holiday in love"

"I am in the eyes of those who do not bow down, but those whom I like do not let me bow down in front of anyone."

"Paths return or return time
We will definitely get our destination
People who consider themselves kings
One day he will definitely dance in your party! "
love shayari images

"Whatever the mood is, the whole world takes it off."

"Do you not able to answer comes to me."

"Just be so angry with you that your respect and respect for the person is maintained ..!"

"So keep others find me bad, but will be smiling so here meet the promise."
good morning love quotes

"Those people who will not be able to play my character even in a moment, they give me thousands of consultations."

"Don't know what's missing in me, don't know what's wrong with me, she doesn't remember me, I can't forget her !!"

"Fanko some of Alfaz, there is a deep silence like a lake."

"It is not possible to understand someone… what to do without understanding someone !!"

"Today she got tears in her eyes, she was teaching children that love writes like this"

"When breaking the heart of beauties were forced anyone to say with great simplicity we ..."
love quotes for husband

"Love someone so much so that whenever he finds love… then you remember"

"There is also a" journey "friends …… in which the heart is tired, not the" leg "

love status images
"Be destroyed Jiँdgi give hurts not being able to wish someone, but lost find

“It makes sense to praise myself! Khushboo tells which flower it is. "

"The name is not made in a day, but it does become one day ..!"

"Relationships are like pearls, even if a pearl falls apart and falls, it should be lifted."

"We have great troubles in life, yet we are happy."

"Be the king, like a lion, or even frighten dogs know"

"Give full respect to the people, not because it is their right but because you have rites."

"Jali is called fire and extinguished as ash and whose status you are studying is called Father of Attitude"
one side love quotes

"My status was yesterday,
It is still today and will be tomorrow,
My calendar is not Attitude,
That does not change with the year guys ..! "

"Man should never lose courage, because the river that rises from the mountain does not ask anyone the way where is the sea?"

"Afraid, we don't belong to anyone's father, but in the middle there comes a thing called Respect"

"We will fight those who openly host enmity, but what to do with those who give the pain of smiling…!"

"Brother, I have given the right to speak only to friends, even today, enemies know me by the name of the Father"

"Sometimes it makes you so relaxed to see you that the heart just keeps looking at you all day."
love quotes for boyfriend

"It is in our nature to burn the enemy and to kill one's friend"

"The best relationship in the world is where a light smile and a small apology make life come back to life."

"We draw many shortcomings inside others, let's have a meeting with the mirror too."

"What use are those lofts, that man should rise to the height and humanity should go down."

"If you are going away, go with hobbies, just remember that there is no habit of looking back."
Romantic Love Quotes

"Whosoever will buy from paper notes, even today the coin is tossed to try luck."

"It is better to be ruined by doubting someone, and to be ruined by believing someone."

"A trouble, just think, come close to me, my mother's blessings should not become trouble for you."

"We waste someone as much as we can"

"All that is needed from you is life… that if I sit on the ground, people will call it my greatness, not a place."

"What you blindly trust, often opens your eyes."

"Happiness should be in fortune, everyone smiles in the picture."
Inspiring Love Shayari for Lovers

"Weep all the way inside the house, but always open the door laughing because if people come to know that you have broken inside then they will rob you."

"No punishment or no apology, and for those who burn us, our selfie is enough."
Love Status in English