Best Double Meaning Jokes for Boyfriends & Girlfriends | Funny Double Meaning Jokes

Just as good air, good catering is essential for a person to stay healthy, your laughter also plays an important role in keeping you healthy. If you have a habit of laughing in the morning and evening, you will not have any disease, whether mental or physical. That is why we have come up with some double meaning fun jokes for you that you will laugh and laugh after reading. So let's start laughing and laughing...

Double Meaning Jokes for Boyfriends

Girls are more sensitive and they like much less than men and also they are more selective. Here we are providing some double meaning jokes for boyfriends. Some of the best double meaning sms and double meaning jokes for boyfriends that you can send to your boyfriend.

boyfriend jokes
double meaning jokes

A boy and girl started fighting while talking...
Boy: Trains, buses and girls are the same. One goes, the other comes.
Girl: Yes, and these are taxis, rickshaws and boys alike.
Boy: How did he?
Girl: Call a.single .. Four comes.


Boy:- Why do you girls love marriage..?
Girl:- It's good to get an unknown sample, get a familiar bastard..!
Girl:- Why do you boys love marriage..
Boy:- It is better to meet anaconda than to get a pre-poly serpent..!


Girl: Janu, give me this diamond ring. . . .
Boy: Why darling? . .
Girl: Would I miss you by seeing it every day? . .
Boy: Remember so you'll do me anyway....
Girl: How did she? . .
Boy: Thinking that diamond ring was sought but not given by the brother".


Girl: If I die, what would you do...?
Boy : I'll die too..!!
Girl: But why? double meaning sms for boyfriend in english
Boy: Your affair has become so borrowed, that it is difficult to live...!


Saas Joke Bahus
Where is the mother-son going to put so much lipstick?
Daughter – Mother I'm going to college...
Mother and daughter do you like a boy?
Daughter Happy Hoke – Yes Mother Is Very Much Like
Mother – . . . . So speak to the bastard that your marriage has been decided by Verma Ji's son.


The girl was lying in the quilt the girl slowly – where are the Janu?
Boy – I'm sitting in class
Girl – Come to my house na today
Boy – why?
Girl – Mom my dad at my house won't do anything new today
Boy – . . . . I didn't come last time to wipe the whole house of the same call


Friend – I was ruined
Pinky – Why did the husband be beaten?
Friend – My husband is having an affair with a girl in the office
Pinky – How do you know?
Friend – My boyfriend saw him with a girl yesterday...

Husband Wife Jokes
Girl – I have to learn to drive
Officer – No, you run the scooty.
Girl – Don't Please Teach Me Driving
Officer – Well, if you have an old and a young man and a child, who will you be able to do?
Girl - Old To Simple
Officer-sister-in-law you can also kill the brakes...


Girl brought her boyfriend to join dad
Girl – Dad this boy i like
Dad – will you keep my daughter happy?
Boy – Yes, I will be fully happy.
Papa – How do I believe?
Boy – . . . . Oh, you ask your daughter how happy it was to be in my room


Pinky went to her friend's house
Pinky – Man Tomorrow Is My Boyfriend's Birthday
Chinki - wowww
Pinky – What gift should he give?
Chinki – What is the money?
Pinky – Yes, money is going...
Chinki – then give him my number!!!


A girl was newly married
The girl went to a baba
Girl – Baba I am very beautiful..
Baba – he's okay but tell your problem baby
Girl – Baba, what should I put in the bath?
Baba and daughter what is your length?
Girl – 5 ft 2 inches funny sms for boyfriends and girlfriends
Baba– Then he elevated his hand and took a kundi and a daughter

A girl called in a hurry
Girl – Send ambulance here quickly
Operator – What have you happened to?
Girl – Hey my nail is broken
Operator – For so much talk you are manga ambulance
Girl – Hey ambulance so for my boyfriend...
He shouldn't have laughed at me, didn't he
The operator fainted as soon as he heard it


Girl came from beauty parlour to make makeup
Girl speaks as bengali man climbed on metro train – hot
Girl - Thank You Deer...
Bengali – Hey Kahe Ka Thankyou... We have to unload us hot from the front.


Girl went to tailor-made new suit
Girl – Take my measure for suit
Tailor-made girl keep on strangulation – so keep in mind that boys don't look
Tailor-made waist
Girl – so tight to look absolutely beautiful
Tailor-made suit or take my exam


The boyfriend was chatting with girlfriends.
Boyfriend: Have you said?
Girlfriend: Sitting on the net.
Boyfriend: Only then is I not running this net queue. out going thick


L K G's boy: You will marry me.
Girl: Ni
Boy: Take a no.
Girl: Ni Mai Ni Kalugi.
Boy: Kalle Na I Teko Tofi Duga.
Girl: So Ni Kalni has talked to someone else.

Double Meaning SMS Jokes for Boyfriend

The daughter was coming back from school
Mother – You think you will dip our name
Daughter - Why Mother... Why it felt
Mother – The Bengali boy was holding your hand, why did you not refuse him?
Daughter – How Do I Refuse Mother I Don't Come To Speak Bengali

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The girl went to Babaji
Girl – Babaji tell me when i will get married.
Baba: Your name is Meena
Girl – Yes Yes Baba
Baba – You study at Delhi Public School
Girl : Yes, Baba, you are inter-eminent.
Baba – You are in the 12th class.
Girl – Yes, Baba, tell us, don't funny quotes
Baba – Where to tell next, bring the horoscope next time it is not the result card of the school.

double meaning sms
double meaning sms

Girlfriends: I forgot my purse at home, I need Rs 1000. . . .
Boyfriend: Don't make small talk...
Take it...... Rs. 10. Now go home with rickshaws and take the purse.


Boyfriend- What do I need in birthday pay gift,
Girlfriends- Always dirty things, ask for something else,
Boyfriend- Give I Phone 6,
Girlfriends- Which Dog Bastard .


The girl got her throat as soon as the boy came...
Boy: Today big love is coming...
Girl: Janu, you make a promise to me today
Boy: What promise?
Girl: Who Does Your Heart...
Boy: Baby, the one who has parked a red car in front.
Girl: Yes... Yes.. Janu, will give me that!
Boy: I'll give you the same red lipstick


Sonu: If your girlfriend is beautiful, sensible, care-taking, never burned
What name will you give if you are going to make good dishes?
Monu: Rumor! double meaning shayari and jokes for girlfriends and boyfriends


Girlfriends: What do you do if I remember me?
Boyfriend: I'll eat your favorite chocolate. What do you do if you remember Me?
Girlfriend: I also eat gutkha.


Girlfriends: You will go with me.
Boyfriend: I already knew you were a ghost.


Maid's Ego
Judge: What do you have to say in your cleanliness?
Woman: Now, what do I speak, i have a cleaning maid, so she can tell you more well.....


Waiting clocks lover: The waiting clock is too long. Girlfriend: So buy someone else's company watch.....


Boyfriend's Song
Boyfriend: Music has so much power that water can be heated.
Girlfriend: When i can bleed by listening to your song, what is water.....!!!


A nursery class child said, "How do I feel like you?" "Ma'am-so sweet baby from his side boy," I said, "I said no line on me."


What is the difference between girl-BB and girlfriends? Boy- This is the same 20 kg...


Pappu-We are 45 brothers and sisters.
Munna-Did your home not come with population control? When the Pappu came, we were studying and they went as a coaching class.


Wife: Love me?
Husband: Like Shah Jahan!
Wife: Will I build the Taj Mahal after me?
Husband: I'm going to plot, late you're doing...


Doctor – This is dead!
When he started burning, he sat up and said, "I am alive!
Pappu – quietly lying,
Do you know more than a doctor? Burn ji... !!!

Best Funny Double Meaning SMS for Boyfriend

Mr. Chhotu had been thirty-five, did a good job,

Were still unmarried.

And they didn't consume any kind of intoxication

They didn't even drink tea and coffee

One day a friend interrupted

Given- Hey Shorty, not intended to marry-plaintiff

Chhotu bole-I am totally trying.

have been advertised in newspapers,

Bio-data is also put on the Internet

Friend- Then no one's answer came?

Chhotu-I-Aaye Hai Naa

But all of them are kidney and heart seekers.

funny english boyfriend jokes
funny double meaning quotes

Madam said: - Whose book is this...?

Chintu said:- Madam, this book is of paper..!!

Madam: Oh, I also know that this book is paper.

Chintu spoke:- Know why you are asking then..?


Raju went to the neighbor's house

So the bhabhi brought cold water to drink.

Suddenly out of Raju's mouth

Had-Bhabhi Jan Logie so cold?

And bhabhi laughs and says– yes

Give up a lot of handle. Double meaning jokes for boyfriend

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Pinky came home crying
Mom – Why it's crying
Pinky - What did Pappu do to me
Mom angry – why her courage so much
Pinky – Yes, I just asked him if
What do your mom dad do?


Pinky came home crying
Mom – Why it's crying
Pinky - What did Pappu do to me
Mom angry – why her courage so much
Pinky – Yes, I just asked him if
What your mom dad does


Girl went to toilet
Suddenly a boy came there
Boy – Listen to you one thing to say
Girl – What to speak quickly
Boy – What I want you to do
If you say anything to anyone, no one will say anything.
Girl – if not done
So definitely say


The girl came into the house bouncing with joy
Girl – a happy thing
Mother – what?
Girl – What did a boy do to me today
Mother – what?
From now on, it does such things.
Girl - Sorry Mama....
Mom – Well, take care from the front
Girl – Mom I take full care of the next
What does he do from behind?
Mom blacked


Boy tries to impress girl in tuition
Boy – Look my clock is magical
Girl – How?
Boy – All this tells the truth
Girl – Tell me about me
Boy – Today you have been propagated by a boy
Girl – no one did me
Boy – Oh this clock is 10 minutes fast


Boy brought his girlfriend to home
Girl – Why bring me home
Boy – First you close your eyes
Girl – Good okay Baba, take this
Boy – What do you show?
Girl - Darkness
Boy – Just my life is like that without you
Girl – Hut Bastard, I Guess What Will I Do
Ho Gaya Na Total Sipa


Pinky came home crying

Mom – Why it's crying

Pinky - What did Pappu do to me

Mom angry – why her courage so much

Pinky – Yes, I just asked him if
What do your mom dad do?


Boy – Don't let's kiss,

Girl – No, double meaning sms for boyfriend

Boy Again – Let's Not Please

Girl -I once refused,
Do not understand what?

Boy – Don't let,
I'll do nothing other than what?

Girl slaps her cheek and bids –

This is what you lack,
What does nothing other than


Pinky - Inspector Sahib,

A Boy Kiss Me

Inspector – When He Was Kissing
Why didn't you stop?

Pinky – How to stop Sir,

I was mehandi

The inspector spoke for a long time –

When will mehandi be the next time?